Wonderful activities
Suzhou Olympic sports center holds national comprehensive games and international individual sports events.
Sports& Training
Suzhou Olympic Sports Center has various professional sports venues and can formulate professional sports training courses according to customers.
About Us
Suzhou New Era Recreation and Sports Exhibition Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "New Era Group") is a state-owned enterprise directly under the Management Committee of the Party Working Committee of Suzhou Industrial Park. It wholly controls the following subsidiaries including Suzhou International Expo Center Management Co., Ltd., Suzhou Culture and Arts Center Management Co., Ltd., Suzhou Symphony Orchestra Co., Ltd, Suzhou Ballet Troupe Co., Ltd., Suzhou Olympic Sports Center Management Co., Ltd., Suzhou Wenbo Business Tourism Development Co., Ltd., Suzhou Wenbo Hotel Novotel, and Suzhou Industrial Park Holiday Inn Express and participated in the establishment and holding of Suzhou Cultural Industry Management and Operation Co., Ltd. At present, Suzhou Cultural Industry Management and Operation Co., Ltd. has managed the first phase of Suzhou cultural industry investment fund with a scale of 1 billion.
About Us
Build a national first-class comprehensive operator of sports, convention and Exhibition Tourism
About Us
Suzhou Olympic Sports Center Management Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of New Era Group. Suzhou Olympic Sports Center is located in Hudong Community, the core area of Suzhou Industrial Park. Adjacent to Jinji Lake, one of the national top-rating 5A scenic spots, with Xingtang street in the west, Xingti street in the East, Zhongxin Avenue in the north and Xietang River in the south, it covers a total planning area of nearly 60 hectares and a total construction area of about 374,000 square meters. So far Suzhou Olympic Sports Center is the largest modern stadium with the best environment in Suzhou and it’s also a major livelihood project of the industrial park to continuously improve the regional public sports service. Suzhou Olympic Sports Center is not only an important place for Suzhou citizens to practice sports and cultural entertainment activities, but also the main venue for introducing large-scale events and performance activities. It is a multi-functional and comprehensive class A sports center integrating sports competition, leisure fitness, commercial entertainment and artistic performance, where we can hold international and domestic individual competitions and national all-around championships and other high-end sports events.
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